Middle School Rollout

SHCS Middle School 2023-2024

academic Year

Dear Sacred Heart Catholic School Family,  

At Sacred Heart Catholic School, we strive to provide the best educational environment for our students as possible. We embrace a holistic approach to academic excellence by not only employing a vigorous learning curriculum, but also by encouraging athletics and extracurricular activities to support the diverse skill sets of every student.   

With our students’ evolution comes the evolution of their learning space. This past year, and over the next two, our school has been blessed with EANS grant funding that has enabled wide-scale improvements to our campus, and ultimately, prepared our school for growth in a strong way. Capitalizing on the existing layout of our campus, and the current space utilization, Sacred Heart administration has made the decision to separate the elementary and middle schools. 

Beginning with the 2023/24 school year, our middle school students will transition full-time to the newly renovated Parish Activity Center (PAC) building. Nearly $1 million has been invested in upgrading classroom and extracurricular space to create the best environment for our young men and women. It is important to note that middle school students have already been taking classes in this building. It is currently home to our middle school STEM lab, broadcast, and art studios, as well as the gymnasium. Next school year, students will no longer transition between buildings as all core classes will also be conducted in the newly minted middle school. 

This change comes with other exciting opportunities for our students and families, including: 

  • Separate car lines for both elementary and middle schools 
  • Fair Positive Behavior Incentive System (FPBIS) that will allow differing rules for both elementary and middle schoolers 
  • Opportunity for personal and academic growth while reinforcing the strong Catholic teachings of Sacred Heart  

Rules and expectations for middle schoolers differ vastly from elementary school-aged children. This move is an opportunity to promote the growth and independence of our middle schoolers, while maintaining the discipline and standards they are accustomed to. Physically separating the middle and elementary schools will permit students and faculty more freedom and opportunity for growth in character and autonomy.  

As administrators, we want to set our students up for success as they transition from Sacred Heart to high school. Allowing them to grow their independence in a controlled environment will increase decision making, allow for more responsibility, and give our students additional flexibility as they learn to be young adults. This is a pivotal time in their lives, and we want to cultivate the best students we possibly can.  

I am happy to address any questions or concerns that you have. We want all parents, guardians, and student Crusaders to feel comfortable with this change and excited for the upcoming school year. Immediately following this letter is a set of questions and answers. In the coming weeks, we will offer tours of the new facility and conduct a ribbon-cutting ceremony as we get closer to the new school year.  

God Bless, 

Al Chromy 


What is the reason behind this move? 

This has long been a dream to separate our elementary and secondary students. SHCS was blessed with a $6M EANS grant that funded many of the facility and infrastructure improvements needed to make this dream a reality. Nearly $1M has been invested in the new middle school building.

By keeping our middle schoolers and elementary students in separate buildings, we ensure that all students have a fair environment with limited distractions and temptations during class and passing times. This is especially important since our middle schoolers have more freedom than our elementary students.

We are also able to better accommodate the growth our school has experienced, with minimal impact on the students.

How will the new building be renovated to fit the needs of the middle school?

Sacred Heart was blessed with funding to renovate our facilities to accommodate our goal of expanding. During the renovations, we are adding a reception area with a designated drop-off area, classroom renovations, and an office.  

Is this building as secure as the main building?  

All buildings on Sacred Heart’s campus are uniformly secure with controlled access. As with the main building, front office staff will always be present in the building. 

How will you adapt your school safety plans next year?  
  • As students already use this building, the adjustments will be minimal. The following is a list of current campus-wide safety protocols. It is not all inclusive as full public disclosure is counter intuitive to the purpose:
    • Staff routinely conduct emergency procedures and drills, such as lockdowns and evacuations  
    • There is an established and effective communication system for reporting security issues or concerns 
    • We ensure doors, and all access points are always locked and secure  
    • We have established positive relationships with local law enforcement (Warner Robins Police Department is 1.1 mile from SHCS)   
    • Staff and students are encouraged to report any suspicious or dangerous activity  
How will morning drop-off and afternoon pickup be affected? 

There will be a separate car line for drop-off and pick-up for the middle school. 

When will the space be open? 

We are anticipating renovations to be completed before the start of the 2023-2024 school year.  

Can my student and I tour the new space? 

Tours are already available. Please call the front office at (478) 923-9668 to schedule your tour. 

What do I do if I have more questions? 

We are excited about what this renovation means to our school and our students. We want to answer all questions our students and parents have to help alleviate any questions. Please call the front office at (478) 923-9668 with any questions you have.