Sacred Heart Catholic School

             2020-2021 Academic Year


    **NO MASS UNIFORMS for the 2020-2021 school year.

Uniforms should be purchased from Land’s End, our exclusive uniform provider. 

Our preferred school number on the site is 900171992. 


Mass Uniform

            Only to be worn on days there will be an all school Mass – Wednesdays / Holy Days

            Note:  Uniform shirt will remain tucked in at all times

            Note:  Black/brown belt required with shorts/pants for 1st – 8th grades boys and girls.      

            Note:  Shorts are not allowed with the Mass Uniform


  • K3 will wear Everyday Uniform Monday – Friday; No Mass uniform

  • Boys K4 – 8th Grade

            Khaki pants (no shorts), white crew socks, light blue Oxford shirt, uniform plaid tie, solid black or brown belt.

            Optional - permitted to wear a solid Black Low quarter shoe with Mass Uniform

  • Girls K4 - 3rd Grade

            School uniform plaid jumper with light blue Peter Pan collar blouse, white knee-high socks or white tights.  Solid Navy or Black                          bloomers or bike shorts under jumper are required.

            Optional - Black Mary Jane one strap or t-strap shoe. (Please note if they wear the Mary Jane they will be wearing this shoe to gym                    class – no shoes will be changed).

  • Girls 4th - 8th Grade

            School uniform plaid skirt/skort (top of knee), light blue Oxford shirt, uniform plaid tie, white knee-high socks or white tights.      

​            Optional – Black Mary Jane one strap OR t-strap shoe. (Please note if they wear the Mary Jane they will be wearing this shoe to gym                    class – no shoes will be changed).

Everyday Uniform

             Note: Uniform shirt will remain tucked at all times.

             Note: Black/brown belt required with shorts/pants for 1st – 8th grades boys and girls.                                                                                                   Girls – allowed to wear plaid belt from Lands End.  No belt required for skirt/skort options.

             Note: Solid Black Navy bike shorts under skirt/dress are required.

  • Boys K3-8

            Khaki shorts or pants. Lands End Navy blue or Maize polo shirt with school logo.  White ankle or crew socks.   


            Socks – solid white socks are the only permitted color of socks / No logo of any kind.

            White Knee-highs – solid white, sit just below the knee and above the calf.

            White Crew Socks – solid white, sit above the ankle and at the calf area.

            White Ankle Socks – solid white, sit at mid-ankle or slightly above ankle bone.


  • Girls K3-8th

            Khaki skort/skirt (top of knee), shorts, or khaki pants.  Lands End Navy blue or Maize polo shirt with school logo.  White knee-high,                    crew or ankle socks.


            K3 - 5th grade may also wear School Uniform Girls short-sleeve ruffle-hem dress in navy with school logo, White knee-high, crew or                  ankle socks.

Uniform Shoes

            Note:  All shoe eyelets must be used and shoes are required to be tied at all times to ensure a safe, snug fit on the student foot.


**SUPERGA Tennis Shoes (both BOYS and GIRLS)

            Visit, COTO CLASSIC WHITE NAVY

            *Must wear White shoe laces with these shoes

  • Boys K3 - 8

            Converse canvas Navy low-rise sneaker – white laces.        

            Converse canvas Navy Chuck II low-rise sneaker – white laces.  This option offers more support than the traditional converse.

  • Girls K3 - 2nd Grade

            Keds Kids School Days II (Little Kid/Big Kid) Saddle-Shoe style sneaker in Navy/White.

            Converse canvas Navy low-rise sneaker – white laces.           


  • Girls 3rd Grade - 8th Grade.

            Converse Navy canvas low-rise sneaker.

            Converse Navy canvas Chuck II low-rise sneaker.  This option offers more support.


Outerwear – Boys and Girls

            The ONLY permitted outerwear inside classrooms is a Lands’ End solid navy sweater (logo is optional).  The Vest, V-neck and Cardigan             style sweaters are permitted.  This sweater can be worn every day of the week in classrooms and at Mass. 

            ** Nylon and fleece jackets/coats will only be permitted to wear outside.

            ** Personal jackets are permitted to be worn to and from school and for outside play.


Hair - Boys and Girls

            Hair needs to be clean and a natural color

            No faddish hairstyles allowed          

Hair Accessories – Girls only

            All items in girls’ hair needs to be solid silver, gold, yellow, navy, light blue, or black, OR the plaid hair accessories from Lands’ End to                 match the school plaid.  This includes ponytail holders.

            ** No PE uniforms.

            ** No nail polish  // No make-up.


            One watch - ONLY BLACK, BROWN, SILVER, GOLD

                    (NO watches with text/email communication)

            One religious bracelet

            No rings

            One religious necklace -- worn inside shirt

            Girls only - One stud earring in each lower lobe – solid gold/silver/navy/yellow/pearl


            Note:  Please ensure as kids grow the uniforms are always worn with modesty.  The clothing needs to remain loose fitting so the                                   students are comfortable yet modest at the same time.



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