Tuition Rate Options

Option 1:  You may elect to pay your entire annual tuition no later than August 1 and receive a 3% discount.  The discount does not apply to financial aid recipients.  This amount is payable to FACTS Management Company which can be reached using this link.

Option 2:  Monthly installments will not be paid to the school.  FACTS Management Company is the program Sacred Heart Catholic School will utilize for monthly tuition payments.  Annual enrollment is included and paid for with your school registration fee.  FACTS offers two payment plans: a eleven month payment plan (July – June) and an ten month plan (August – May).

Mid-Year Tuition

For any child who begins attendance at Sacred Heart Catholic School after the initial school start date, tuition will be pro-rated accordingly. Tuition per month will be calculated by dividing the annual tuition fee by ten; parents and guardians will only be held responsible for the current and remaining attending months. All registration and other appropriate Fees still apply.

Note: Tuition scales and/or fees are subject to change for any reason at the discretion of the school.

Tuition Assistance at Sacred Heart

Excellence You Can Afford

Sacred Heart Catholic School proudly works with FACTS to offer tuition assistance for those who meet the family financial qualification guidelines. We work with every family to make a Catholic education possible!